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Thanksgiving Dinner

Don’t have time to cook this year? Leave it up to us! We’re offering Thanksgiving dinner that serves 10 people.

Get a 12 to 15 lb Turkey roasted and stuffed with 5 lbs of Homemade Stuffing. Plus a quart of Homemade Gravy, 5 lbs of Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, and 5 lbs of Roasted Harvested Vegetables. And for Dessert, a pie of your choosing!

Have everything you need ready when you need it, for just $349. Order today!

Don’t need the whole meal but need some desserts?

Place your pie pre-orders and join us on Nov 21st and 22nd for The Great Pie Pickup! We’ll have live music for your shopping enjoyment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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