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Meet the Family

-Patricia Torrice, Co-Owner

It all started way back in 2003. I was teaching kindergarten and Caleb had newly moved to Long Island from upstate New York to open a farm market. We met while participating in a 100 mile bike ride and got married a year and a half later.


One quiet night at the home of Caleb’s family on their farm in Oswego, New York in January, 2008, we decided that we wanted to get back to the country, where our kids could gain an awesome appreciation for the farm first hand and also where we could start a joint venture. We went on a hunt for that perfect place and discovered Tabora. We never looked back. Growing up on a 200 acre fruit orchard and then going on to Cornell University to study agriculture, Caleb knew he wanted to have a place where he could sell his highly crafted, quality produce as well as baked goods. I thoroughly enjoyed cooking and baking, so the match was, as they say, made in Heaven. Leaving the teaching profession for me was bittersweet, but we were very excited for our new life path.


Since 2008, we have been blessed with two more children and have worked earnestly making changes around the farm. We consider Tabora a place of constant growth. We are so fortunate to have an excellent staff who really cares about their work and often go the extra mile to make it a good experience for our customers. Tabora, with its quality products, warm atmosphere, and exciting calendar of events, is a place of hard work and a great sense of pride for us. It is such a thrill seeing so many people coming out to the farm and enjoying themselves. We thank our loyal customers for the continued support and we welcome the new visitors we meet each day. We hope you come to the farm with your friends and family and make some memories!

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